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no sense like any other - Idle Lounge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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no sense like any other [Jun. 5th, 2009|11:52 am]
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rain in the bay in june? that's like having a chocolate cake with fried chicken. Both of them seem okay but together? idle lounge

Ryan's Berkeley week didn't turn out to be what I had planned to be. In any case, doing that much in a week, more so, eating that much in a week was just impossible. Especially with a work schedule and an addiction to that one game.

im mad sore from moving shit.

at fsm roite now. Hello everyone and your readers and apple notebook laptops.

that "o" in the word "right" was on purpose.

i had a dream that I went to work with a case of MGD. I drank them before the hours began. I cleaned up went to my boss and told her what happened, and all she said was " okay don't let it happen again." soon after i went back to work. when i woke up i was all, " i didn't get fired?!" Someone give me $2000 to test this out in reality.

let's bring back "Don't you just hate.."

= don't you just hate it when you unintentionally make eye contact with someone and both of you do this fidgity, awkward bunny look away thing.

= don't you just hate it when you're carrying a plastic clear dresser down the street with clothes in it, and when you finally arrive to your destination you discover that your unmentionables were in clear display the whole time.

= don't you just hate it when you just did well in class without having to use any of the books you spent about $50-100 bucks on

= don't you just hate it when you compliment a woman on how she looks nice and they give you the unappreciative thanks, when you indeed know they are trying to look nice.

= don't you just hate it when women find ways to negate your compliment by turning it around to make you look like a douche i.e
"you like very nice today?"
"so are you saying i didn't look nice yesterday? the day before?"
"uhhh whaa mmm HOLY CRAP A QUARTER!"

= don't you just hate it when you sit down in a public place near strangers, you find that the woman sitting next to smelled really nice, then she gets up and leaves but oddly enough you still smell the nice scent, then the guy next to you gets up and leaves and then the scent goes away

= don't you just hate it when you're with your at some dance social or clubbing event, and you start dancing with your guy friend, after a few songs, you discover that it's not your guy friend anymore you're dancing with

fact of the day: two iced coffees is bad times. one = win

[User Picture]From: blo_lobo
2009-06-07 09:15 pm (UTC)
8- 5 man teams can take out all the bosses on all the alliance citys. I just did it this morning haha.
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