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you make the rainclouds disappear [Mar. 12th, 2009|08:21 am]
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that show with demetri martin isn't that great, I'd give it a C- but hey we're going to borrow his show's name for this post and call it important things with the idle lounge .

this is fat. good luck reading it. it's kind of like reading an article from a uc berkeley reader. ZZCOPY

So I as much as I would have liked to tell you in person but here are the important things update going on:

the graduate school of education at uc berkeley was a no go. As disappointed as I was, I completely understand the decision made. Well maybe not disappointed but more so let down as I had so much confidence getting in as I did worked so hard to heightened my chances to get in. It was saddening and depressing, and I may admit that I am not completely over it, but like a bad break up or upsetting climax to a favorite tv show or movie, I am in the process of moving on.

stanford was also a no go, but I had little to no disappointment to this decision as I had no real desire in ever attending. a) it would be kind of like being a traitor to cal b) logistic reasons and finally c) the program itself wasn't so appealing to me.

and so what are we left with? Well a few weeks ago I received an email that I had been invited to interview for the school of education at UC Davis. This was before hearing the news from the berk, so at the time I felt a little ambiguous about it, and even thought to myself "oh well if the good 'ol aggies want me surely berkeley will too give me the opportunity as well.. ching ching ching." So I went into the interview somewhat well, let's use the word again, ambiguously but of course gave it my all.

Are you still tuning in because this story is not even half way through.

i got to the interview which was to begin at 10:30 and arrived at about 10:00, being told to arrive 15 minutes early. So hey, how about 30 minute early suckas? yah like that? So I meet with this graduate of education adviser guy and he has me look at forms and stuff. He also gave me a list of questions that I would be asked by the math education professor guy. Oh man was that paper cluttered with oogles of notes. I have been answering these types of questions for the past 4 years. I think I've got it down to the bone. questions like:
1)why do you want to be a teacher?
2)what are some of the things you have witnessed in past experiences with tutoring/teaching that are evident of today's education status in our schools? how do you feel about them?
3)who are your biggest influences in terms of being a teacher?
4)what subject would you teach and how would you teach it? why?
5)what is your experience with teaching diverse students from low income communities?

2 e z. I mean it's like asking me about the 49ers, or my friend brian about computers or LOST or something. We can just go on and on. Steve Young yeah.

Though one question was asked, which wasn't on the pamphlet of prospective which I found really interested but nailed it down bad. like so bad it was good.

6)How do you think you having gone to community college and being able to move on to a school like UC Berkeley would make some of your students feel about their future with education?

I really liked this question. If you want to know my long ass response to this, ask me.

Well I got done prepping myself at about 10:20 and was ready to rock. And yes you guessed it, the interview did not start until 11 AM. I think they were still doing an interview with another candidate. I as like, sheesh, but of course I was all "Oh no problem, I'm in no hurry." You know, he could've said " yeah we just took a nap, and then started playing super smash brothers and lost track of time" and I would've said " oh no problem, I love that game!"

So the guy that came to get me for the interview was the head-math-education professor guy and I called him Dr. Smith (Not real name but keeping his name private), and went on to say "or do you prefer Professor Smith? Dr. Smith? Mr. Smith?" And he goes, "no just call me Rick." I laughed out loud with a " oh hahahaha okay Rick. I'll call you Rick."

So as we strolled to his office he says " well you know, this is a bit of an informal interview. We know all your technical stuff, this is basically an opportunity for us to get to know you. So think of it as like an informal discussion and just be yourself." Well i was a bit nervous before that, but when he told me that I was like " Oh really? that sounds good. Alright I can relax for a bit. My sweat is drying up. I'm ready to rock. Let's do this." And i think at that point a hyped myself up like how a boxer would you know the rigorous head shaking and thrusting of harms and slight jumping in place. picture that.

So we got in there and I sat down all upright and stuff, in the suit and all. And he goes again," so yeah like I told you, this is very informal so try to just respond in a way that let's us really to get to know you." and I go, "Oh yea? so i can relax. I can take off my blazer and take a load off." Here I proceeded to sit back and slouch on the chair. This was hilarious in my head but I couldn't laugh as hard at it as much as I really wanted to.

So we get crackin' and like I said earlier, the questions were almost second language to me and I responded, being sure to be myself. But hey, math education is a part of me and so I was certain myself was all there. And at the time, right after the interview, I felt pretty confident about, but then again I know how kind of awkward my personality could be so the only question was did the like "myself" ?

Dr. Smith was a great guy. I got to know more about the program, having knowing nothing much about it prior to the interview. And next thing you know I was really excited about what it's all about. I would be happy to work with Dr. Smith, and the program itself seems pretty damn solid and dope. yes solid and dope. And if it came down to it, this program would be a good choice.


After the interview I walked around the campus for a bit. And the campus sucks. I hated it. The bikes, the paved pathways that are just for bikes, the bikes, the GBC equivalent, the FSM equivalent, the modern buildings, the flatland, and the fact that I can't see the ocean from anywhere. and the bikes. I hate the campus.

But I suppose after an hour of browsing I can't make such a decision. But I recall back when I first walked on the campus of Berkeley. I felt nothing but awe and intimidation. For great schools, I think the campus should give off some sort of similar vibe. But no, I felt like leaving when walking around. I remember getting lost, since many buildings look actually the same, but found my way via bike path. I swear, I saw more bike riders in that hour than in all my time at the berk.

for those of you who currently attend or attended UC Davis, no offense, no wait screw it.. TAKE THAT. unless you can tell me something that I would be able to appreciate.

- okay now to the climax

Well a day after receiving the final word from the berk, i receive the final word from Davis and they had recommended me for admission. Those two days were a bit up and down and and down again. HOLD UP beofre we continue the story, i just saw walk by the window of peets coffee a dude carrying 4 loaves of bread in clear plastic breads and eating one of them. With a skate board in his other hand. tell me that guy didn't go to andronico's and go "YOINK" and skate off with loaves of bread.

so continuing, the day I received word from berk I was in a moment of complete in utter failure. I just had so much confidence due certain circumstances and theories, that I would get in. Getting that kind of letter, that.."we regret to inform you.." shin-dig is one of the worse feelings in the world. It's kind of like feeling so confident that a woman wants to have intercourse with you and you finally ask her, and she goes " I regret to inform you that you will not be admitted...." you know.. like that. I was in complete in utter failure because I was in the position of "what do I do now?" like last year. last year was drought. I wanted this year to be good, and that day just put me in shut down. How can i become a great teacher, if i can't get into a great program? I have convinced myself that the bad teachers of today lacked the exceptional preparation. Without this, I felt that I would just be on the road to becoming another bad teacher. I even concluded perhaps I'm not meant to be a teacher.

Next day, davis is like " hey, wassup? wanna join?" and imma like "what the?" because: well if the bears didn';t want me, why the heck would the aggies want me? I considered both programs with the same high caliber and expectations and standards and yes there are three "and"'s in this sentence so close to one another. So I was surprised but still..upset. I didn't feel a need, at the time to feel excited or overjoyed, or relieved. Well there was some relief there. but there it was. the " on behalf of the graduate school of Davis, we are pleased to inform you..."

that was last week. so here we are now. I'm pretty much about 75-80% sure i will commit to Davis. Reasons being that it is an awesome program, and well maybe it really is time for new change in my life. Perhaps Berkeley is done with me, and I with Berkeley though I've been in denial for quite some time now. And maybe it is for the better. Change is always a thing we can't help.

Okay yeah there's not much difference in terms of distance between living in berkeley and living in Davis, nothing but that good hour or so drive. and I'm pretty much insulting others who have made greater, more impacting changes for the sake of their future. But berkeley has been great to me, the city, the college, the people. so tell me off, tell me i'm going to be fine out there, tell me this ain't shit, tell me i'm soo good looking it hurts.

so I'm getting ready for the hard goodbyes. There are those of you I won't see for a while, and probably those I won't see ever again. but hey, let's leave those messages for another time and another place.

I've got more to say but I need to use the bathroom. let's call this part 1. We'll get to part 2. later-

fact of the day: Croissants are the best non-sweet breakfast pastry of all time. Bagels? pfft. more like...doughnuts gone in the wrong direction.
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where's my epiphany [Mar. 1st, 2009|09:52 pm]
i know it's only been nearly five years in it's name's existence I think it may be ready to retire the idle lounge and call it something else.

so anyway, i'm in need of a cure for a soulache.

fact of the day: my favorite song of all time is the following song

watch read listen
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Love may be late, but better late than never [Feb. 19th, 2009|10:33 pm]
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[music |LOVE 5]

I know we're days late, but don't worry lets finish the job at the idle lounge .

As I just mentioned, I'm days late but that's okay I'm sure I would have a few interested viewers over the weekend and now that we're back in the motion of things let's get the Top 30 Love Songs of All Time completed.


This song makes all hopeless romantics (especially you men) cry their eyes out. What better song expresses such desperation for love, or for the love of someone else. My favorite part of this song is the beginning resonating sounds of the classic 50's organ chords. It is the perfect preamble to Percy Sludge's screaming "when a man loves a woman." So keep up the crying fella's, she'll come around eventually.


This is a song for you ladies, it's a fun yet romantic jingle that has been covered endlessly. Not many have been able to successfully re-sing this song. With that High Note of the "Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii La la la la la la la." One way to celebrate this song and have fun with is to sing it several octaves lower. it's hilarious. This song may not be a song that leads to some sensual love doin and making, but it's a great song to charmingly express your feelings.


To best describe this song, please go to the following link:
some people don't know but Extreme was an 80's hair metal band.


I had trouble finding the Frank Sinatra version, but the Tony Bennet version is almost just as good. If my memory serves me right, this song was the theme for my senior year boat dance. This song is as seriously romantic as one can get. You simply cannot lose with this song. If you need the right song to dance to on a dock near the water, or in some grand ballroom, or even at home in your living room, this song is your best bet. The lyrics are wonderful as hell, and the calm piano soothes your loving soul.

Now this one is a special one. This came to a tie because both song are by the same artist and both are equally great love songs. I could not choose one of these two so here they are at NUMBER 25.


Richard Marx knew what the hell he's talking about when it comes to love. These songs both have a somber tone yet nice to listen to nonetheless. With "Right Here Waiting" it is that distinctive piano riff the most of us have come to know. With " Now and Forever" it is a guitar riff that gets our hearts going. The concept of both songs are a bit similar, but both great songs to slow dance to or serenade your loved ones with.


Now this song just gets your heart flying in an endlessly pleasant way. The original is good but the duet that Natalie Cole does is just unbelievable. The melody is accompanied by a strings ensemble that makes this whole song what it is. And of course the simple lyrics are as deep. " Like a song of love that clings to me, like the thought of you does things to me, Never before has someone been more." oooh yeah.


Some of you younger kids may not have heard this song before but this is truly a classic. The part of this song that most of us remember is the chorus, " I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind, that I put down words, how wonderful life is, while you're in the world." It is the piano and the symphony strings Sir Elton puts in this song. This song just has a subtle romantic tone to it. You have to listen to it twice to understand why this song is just so lovely.


You are either screaming at me or praising me for putting this song on the list. It is on the list because everyone, and I mean everyone knows this song. I remember in high school how mad hard good this song was. The guitar-mandolin combo is just rockin' and of course the chorus in which we all know and would proudly scream in our cars and stuff in the name of unconditional, everlasting love.


Now this song is another personal favorite. This is telling someone that you don't need them to change and that you love them for being them. My favorite line in this awesome song is " I don't want clever conversation I never want to work that hard, I just want someone to talk to I want you just the way you are." This song's message is just so good, good for telling the one you love how you really don't need them to be any better or any worse. Listen to this tune with ear phones one, should make you melt.



Some of you probably were waiting anxiously for this last one to finally appear. So here it is, Mr. Marvin Gaye himself with his sexy sexy, hot, yet romantic hit. This song may perhaps only pertain to just the act of sex itself, and it's almost just about using love to convince that lovely to do it with you. But hey, that's okay. If a person is willing to throw this song at you you've got to give him the benefit of the doubt- because maybe he or she really does love you and wants to actually "make love" and not just plain sex. This song turns on everyone, this is a song that I'd like to be playing on my own honeymoon. it's just sooooo good. Read the lyrics, they are actually more than about sex. And of course the melody just sounds so sexy. mmm


That is one heck of a list. If I missed any, don't worry. There are a TON of honorable mentions. To narrow down such a list to 30 was hard enough. From time to time we will go over the honorable mentions because those other ones are still great love songs.

Hope you all enjoyed the list. Here is the complete roster of the top 30 in plain text format in case you forgot the others.

1. Lionel Richie & Diana Ross - Endless Love
2. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
3. Journey - Open Arms
4. U2 - With or Without You
5. Stevie Wonder - You Are the Sunshine of My Life
6. Stephen Bishop - It Might Be You
7. The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
8. Bread - If
9. Peter Cetera - Glory of Love
10. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
11. Atlantic Starr - Always
12. Al Green - Let's Stay Together
13. Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love With You
14. LeAnn Rimes/Trisha Yearwood - How Do I Live
15. Aerosmith - Don't Wanna Miss a Thang
16. Heatwave - Always and Forever
17. Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
18. Frankie Valli - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
19. The Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love
20. Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight
21. Percy Sludge - When A Man Loves a Women
22. Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You
23. Extreme - More Than Words
24. Frank Sinatra/Tony Bennet - The Way You Look Tonight
25. Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting/ Now and Forever
26. Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole - Unforgettable
27. Elton John - Your Song
28. The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
29. Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are
30. Marvin Gaye - Let's Get it On

fact of the day: damn this took a while. was worth it. Now time to make ipod playlist.

tune in for the honorable mentions. Like this one:

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Love is like dividing by 0 [Feb. 13th, 2009|01:28 am]
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welcome back as we continue out list of the



This song makes you love being in love...with whoever. I mean it's not exactly a song you'd sing for your parents that you love or perhaps your best friend, but the one you'd like to engage in intercourse with. Because this song is not only romantic and perfect for slow dancing, but it is perhaps the best song to lead into some good good loving making. mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm. And of course it has incredible lyrics and a great melody.



Now here's a depressing but really good love song for you lovers wanting to tell that certain someone everything you feel. This is a song in desperation that everything you do you do it for that someone. IF you ever saw the Kevin Costner Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves that is what this song is based off of even though that movie doesn't have much romantic interest between Maid Marrrian and Robin Hood. Watch the video, it's sweet.


Out of all these songs I think this is the most charming and appealing for your significant other(s) to hear. There is of course a Lauryn Hill version which isn't so bad and also a dance disco version which is cool too, but the original as we've been saying is too too good. The accompanying trumpet ensemble during the course of the song is what makes this song so delightfully romantic with the lyrics. This song makes you think about that certain someone more than you usually do.


There is nothing better than seeing a mixture of regular and falsetto voices in three point harmony singing a great tune. This song has, like many of these other songs has been covered endlessly but none have nearly matched how good the original is. This is a song you get together with your friends to sing to their respective significant others, or a song you put on while getting ready for a night out with the love of you life. It asks the question, "how deep is your love?" how much do you love me, I really want to know.. sort of thing.


Now this song is romantic as hell. I remember in a the Friends episode where Chandler finally proposes to Monica and they slow dance to this at the end. Many of these songs can be okay for slow dancing but this one just has the perfect tempo, you know that very very slow 1,2,3,4 count that anyone can sway to. So you know, it the perfect "we're in love so let's sway together" song. What makes this song awesome is not the lyrics but the guitar riff that the legendary Eric Clapton plays throughout. The song is pretty much about how the couple goes out and parties, and they get tired but the dude is just happy that his girl was lookin fine so long as she doesn't hook up with any other guys.

tune in next time. we're in the home stretch.
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Love is an improper fraction [Feb. 12th, 2009|03:24 am]
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[music |LOVE 3]

welcome back as we continue out list of the Top 20 Love Songs of All time here at the idle lounge

Okay, looking at my current complete list, and upon hearing suggestions from other people. There are a lot more that should be on the list that are just as deserving. So we will extend this list to...


lets continue



So this may not be as popular as some of our other songs. But this song is great because again like Endless Love, it involves a duet with decent two-point harmony. The lyrics are simple but of course sweet, the promise of loving someone for always and everything. This is a song that you'd sing with either your significant other, or your bestfriend of the opposite sex while driving in a car.



This may seem a bit more groovy than romantic. But given the right mood and context this can be the right song for you to tell that special someone how you feel...while strutting, dancing, and looking gangster.


This song is personal favorite of mine because it comes from one of my favorite movies of all time (Fool's Rush In, starring Matthew Perry and selma hayek). The lyrics may not be so deep except for one line I believe that makes the whole song, along with its awesome melody, " take my hand, take my whole life to, because I can't help falling in love with you." Of course there is a version by the band UB40 which is pretty good. But the Elvis Presley version is just too classic.


I know I know, this song is originally by Trisha Yearwood, but it's my list and in my opinion the Leanne Rimes version is better. Though I originally wanted to put the Trisha Yearwood version because it had Nicholas Cage in it. But this version is just so good. This song got those of us who did not feel so much for country music to at least give it a (slim) chance. Lovely lovely song for you women in love.



Now you know you had this one coming. We all have some experience with this song to some degree. For me I like the song because it's from a great corny disaster movie with a great actor that is, no not Ben Affleck, but Bruce Willis with an ensemble of other good side actors : Owen Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Michael Clark Duncon and that guy who plays the white coach opposite of Denzel Washington from Remember the Titans. Great song and makes you fly, great song to sing with friends you love while inebriated.

check back next time, thanks for tuning in.

fact of the day: makeshift nachos makes your day awesome.
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In Advance, In Advantage. Part II [Feb. 11th, 2009|01:13 am]
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[music |LOVE 2]

our second set of the The Top 20 Greatest Love Songs of All Time brought to you by the idle lounge .

click for better view of this entry http://www.livejournal.com/users/screamingryan



Again this song is chosen for lyrical content and musical content. This song is a song that would be perfect for your first dance at your wedding. The best line in this song is "i've been saving love songs and lullabies, and there's so much more no one's heard before. Something's telling me it might be you. yes it's telling it must be you." It's quite corny and less heavenly dramatic, but it's a sweet tune to listen to. It's the best song when you know sort of know, and more so leaning towards knowing who you're in love with and then finally admitting yet. yes i said it.


C'mon you saw this coming. If you ever saw the ever so depressing movie "ghost" starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, you first heard this song in the infamous spinning clay-pot making scene. How hot is that. This song can both be reflected with a sexual and sensual context. But lyrics wise, it doesnt have much depth, but the way its sung by the Righteous Brothers just makes you want to be in loerrrrrrrrrve.



the slow, but ever so dramatic opening of echo-ing flanging guitar strums accompanied by acoustic guitar plucking and the ensuing lyrics " if a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't i paint with you?" Look through the entire lyrics it shows exactly what love "is," or I suppose what it should be. It's a very pleasant tune to listen to whether your depressed or melancholy about the one(s) you love and how you wish things were a certain way. yadda yadda. listen to it. more than once.



The Karate Kid Part II is one my favorite movies of all time, and a lot has to do with this song that this movie included that had nothing much to do with the actual story. But what's great is that the song still fits. The lyrics have to do with claims of a person in love and what he or she is willing to do, in the NAME OF LOVE. " i am the man who will fight for you honor, I'll be the hero you'll be dreaming of..." Here's a guy telling the girl he will be everything to this girl. that's got to make you melt somehow. and plus this song screams the definition of 80's love ballads and is a great kareoke jam. I personally have experience with this track.


I remember when this movie came out. My chick friends had seen it multiple times for the love of the love story about two people that only had each other, the heart-throb that is (or was) leonardo DiCaprio, and of course this song. Titanic first introduced us, our generation, what "eternal" and "dying" love is. We all cried, (well I didn't, but you know I understood why) and the lyrics of course tell it all. How can I not put this on the list. This all reminds us that it may not be a good idea to fall in love with a guy youre on a cruise with because you really never know what could happen.


whew. we've got quite a list so far but we're only halfway. Tune in next time.

Fact of the day: trust your instincts. it's the brain telling you the obvious.
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In Advance, In Advantage [Feb. 10th, 2009|02:15 am]
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[music |LOVE]

For you facebookers, to fully enjoy this entry please click on the link below.


Chase you down with a glass of soda, you burn going down. But I'll have another drink because we never stop at the idle lounge

so a few days from now we have valentines day. I always liked valentines day. regardless being dateless, lover-less, or whateverless. Who cares if corporates are making a bunch of money of it, the outcome is commendable. To come up with a holiday to get people obligated to show love to there significant others, close friends, and family. As much as spontaneity is great, many couples, especially the long term ones forget to grasp hold of that notion and to show a sudden gesture of 'love.' so enjoy valentines day. if you're single, it's okay- show your friends and family some love- suck it up and be a man, or wo-man.

So to help celebrate and countdown the date to valentines day we will be doing a prolonged top 20. Check back via facebook to the notes or directly to the idle lounge here on livejournal.com. In this top 20, we will be thoroughly discussing the......drum roll


Everyday or at least every other day I'll discuss a few songs, in my opinion, that are the best love songs of all time. lyrics, melody, etc.),



this is a given. There isn't much to explain other than the beautiful twp point vocal harmony between Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. The lyrics are heavenly and really open us to what love is all about. This song fits every wedding, for everyone.



Another obvious choice. This didn't win a whole bunch of grammys for no reason. Though it has a sad context, kevin costner dying and all, it shows that true love will never...go away? OH YEAAH.



this was a hard one, choosing this over Journey's "Faithfully." But for males, this is a complete submission to love. Because really, we may act tough sometimes, but love is all we want. The best of us have tried to kareoke this bad boy, especially when we mean it. The Mariah Carey version is okay, but this one lets us males really tell a woman we want them without having to say it.


Oooh buddy, how much this song makes you sad and happy and then sad again...over love that you don't like having around but can't stand for it to be away. I think many of us have been in this sort of situation, if you haven't- then be grateful. And of course I remember hearing this song from the Friends episode where Ross sleeps with the copy girl place. This is a song you sing in the rain, because you just both hate and love being in love so much.



There were so many to choose from when it came to Stevie Wonder. But I chose this one simply because of the lyrics. I mean you know when someone means a lot to you when you call them the "sunshine of your life." It can't get any better than that. You are the person that makes me happy, you are the person that brings light to my life.

Check back next time, and we'll do 6-10. remember this is in no order. Hope you enjoyed.

fact of the day: gatorade makes the stomach flu go away.
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never in a day, always for tomorrow [Feb. 4th, 2009|01:36 pm]
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we go big in the weekends, we go T-REX. at the idle lounge

Anyway getting a few other "25" Random things via facebook heads. let's do the idle lounge top 25 random things. I know we usually do top 20 but it's a new year and let's take things a step further. I'm going to copy the style of my homes Aimee if you dont mind.

1. I am always on the search for the best, artistically, conceptually done music videos of all time. One of the videos that top this list is this:

or this one

2. I like to keep everything apparently. Recently I found a fat stash of "songs" I wrote as a junior in high school. Man. O. Man. You'd have to give me money as a way to pay for my dignity should you ever want to venture though that stash. Let's be daring and put a little excerpt from the such collection:
Cerca de 2001-ish
(verse: D G Bm A)
I see your face
As pretty as you are
Im dazed by you
as i take you to my car
i stroke your hair
long and silky as can be
we drive off now
to go see a movie

(chorus: G A D D*)
then i wake up-
it was all a dream

you wont belong to me
I go seep again
'cause i love you so
your a dream to me
someday you'll know

doesn't the rhyming compel you?

3. I played high school football my sophmore and junior year. I used to workout 5 times a day and was ranked number 22 out of 50 for the strongest of players. Yes 28 you like that?

4. I used to do solo kareoke shows with myself of the mariah carey album: Music Box. Such hits include Dreamlover, Without You, and Hero.

5. I used to keep my collection of Ninja Turtles in a Tackle Box. You know those little spaces to keep lures, hooks, and weights? That's where I kept their weapons, organized by each character. " No, Shredder's spear does not go there. it goes here. next to donatello's bows."

6. I have recently become part of the dark side, but what is also known as the World of Warcraft. It's too late me for me, save yourselves.

7. I am slowly not becoming a fan of dark beers with the exception of guiness. Other beers keep making their after taste to damn...shinasty.

8. Here is a list of other things I'd like to pursue as a career other than teaching math: rockstar, film editor/director, comedian, counselor, restaurant owner, bartender, casino dealer, head a casino lounge house band, video game music producer

9. Photobucket

10. I used to be in love with

11. Italy changed my life. it will change yours too. see it.

12. but i'll always be in love with

13. I made this 2006. yes this is the exact picture from that date

14. I love makings set lists and then having to edit it because we discover that the gig is not a birthday party but a church benefit party ( i think this was from fall 2005)

15. in the october of the 2004 presidential election I posted this on our front door window the night of halloween

16. My Dog georgie is the man. he is my homes. Yes I'm in love with my dog

17. I go crazy for women who overpower my tendency to joke too much. Women with their own sense of humor are the way to go. stay away from me you prudes.

18. I have a collection of Magic the Gathering playing cards. It's vast but makes me feel like a man holding them.

17. this is where my honey moon will be

18. I want to be Irish.

19. I am in love with creative improvisational cooking.

20. I have aspirations to be best mathematics teacher in the world.

21. My favorite food to eat and to not stop eating is buffalo wings.

22. i want to be the next jack bauer

23. i want to marry
someone simliar

24. i want another makeshift music studio like my old one:

25. i want to learn to play this, and other music of the type on the piano because it's so much hotter than playing the guitar


fact of the day: lists like these are a great way to open up new things and be reminded of great things you like about your friends.
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beginnings of new beginnings [Jan. 9th, 2009|04:06 pm]
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so it's been years since the idle lounge went to business. How is business still open? well people aren't working all the time but we're always working. people meaning me. you know you know.

anyway, 2009? what the heck happened to it all. Did I really graduate high school almost 7 years ago? 7!? What the. You'd imagine at this point we'd all been settled, married, maybe a child or two, maybe a house. No way, at least for me and a lot of my other friends we're not even close. But I pictured myself at the age of 24 to be all...done. No way. far from it like the rest of us. Well the most of us are working indeed, independent, sort of, but we're not finished. When are you really finished? Who knows? 24 years old.

When I was watching friends the other day, the average age of the characters was 24-26 and they all are working living in their own apartments in the NY. Ross had just gotten divorced. you know. anyway, I don't see myself having to deal with that sort of thing at least in the next 3 years. a long time i know, but man. I'd like to say time wasn't wasted for anything but still, are we all just running late?

anyway let's stop talking about this crap.

Happy late new year. its january 9th, 9 days in, I'm going to make this year count. Going to make things happen. At least I'll try.


Tomorrow is CSET day. Again yes. When I took my first test at the good 'ol Encinal High School I was worried as crap. i think i was more worried about how the heck i was going to get there. I know that's a bit ridiculous but when i researched the location of the school on googlemaps, it seemed like in the middle no where. it was like, "holy crap. and I'm going to be there from 2-7pm? It's damn autumn, and the sun goes down at freaken 5." But no, that place is actually fairly nice. And by the second time I went there, a la CBEST, that place became familiar and things were all nice. I think the best state of mind when you're taking a test is being in the most comfortable conditions ever. And so we embark to hopefully the last time I will have to go to Encinal High School.

Tomorrow I'm taking the CSET Subtests I and II: Algebra/Number Theory and Geometry/Probabily&Statistics. After doing some practice stuff, my major weakness is geometry. You know, here's a picture, this is congruent to that, this is similiar to that, now conclude why dogs eat food after 12 pm. Something bizarre like that. It's like, How the heck can you show that only given that? Anyway. I'm not that worried. I should be. but i don't want to. As we talked about in a previous entry, you are allowed 5 hours to take the test, no matter how many subtests you register for. I friend of mine managed to tackle all three subtests in the 5 hours and passed. So i figure, I can do two of them in 5 hours can't i? Yes I can. Be excited, be be excited. (requiem for a dream - reference if you don't know. that movie makes me scared of drugs)

The first subtest I took wasn't really that hard at all. It did indeed take me 4 hours to do but I took my sweet ass time. Well okay you got me, I'm trying to convince myself to not stress over it. I really don't. I remember the days before the first CSET Subtest I was stressed out more than I have ever been. And it was not good feeling. I hated that- it was sweaty, hot, high-blood, angry, and sadness. yes all those things. No one deserves that.

so yes let's get rockin'. After this test I'm going to get unbelievably trashed like I've never been trashed. Like june 11 trashed.


What else is new? Moved in to new house.
Slowly turning in grad school apps..again. Rejection is a cruel thing to ever do to anyone that expects to get accepted. Yes that is obviously obvious, but hot dang. This time through, I think we're better prepared. UC Berkeley take me in your arms.


fact of the day: peet's coffee owns starbucks. you cannot beat free wifi- fuck you starbucks and your at&t prepaid accounts. and who has the balls to call small medium large, tall grande frente. asses.

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unbearble likeness of being [Oct. 31st, 2008|11:39 am]
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and we count down again, once again, and then again later in january. oh the idle lounge is screaming for some love.

so-- the following is a rant

Getting a teaching career is sure a lot of hard work. Though I'd like to think that it's nothing compared to the process of becoming a lawyer, or doctor but screw that this shit is extreme- for me at least.

Tomorrow, nov. 1 I take one of three math subtests for this thing called the CSET: single subject Mathematics. It's pretty much a math assesment test to see that you know your math. The part I'm taking is the calculus/history of mathematics portion. This test is 30 multiple choice questions, and 4 constructed response questions- and its roughly 24-26 calculus/trigonometry questions, 4-6 math history questions, and with the response questions it should be 3 calc/trig related questions, and 1 history of math question. yadda yadda. I'm given 5 hours to take this test- though theoretically it should take one that is apt in mathematics (at least apt enough to teach up to high school mathematics) to take only about an hour and a half to hour and 50 minutes to finish because one should be able to finish all 3 subtests in the allowed 5 hours. Though it is advised by those who have taken it to take only 1-2 at a time.

So am I worried? Well I'm trying my best to convince myself to not worry. But I am ? I've ready dozens of testimonials, and the general consensus is that those who do not do well on this test are usually those who were not math majors. Most of those who decide to become math teachers (and that have to take this test) are those who have been out of school for quite some time, hence out of math, undergoing career changes and the like. But I'm not one of these aren't I? So why am I still worried about it?

My great professor told me it's good that I worry, that way I'll take the test seriously. But I hate being like this. I've been in the state of losing appetite, hot and sweaty, and nauseous everytime I think about not being able to do well.

Okay there's another thing: it's not like an MCAT,LSAT, or GRE score, this is a test where you are required to pass. yes just pass. And a passing grade (out of all three tests) is a 220/300 which amounts to scoring 73/100. So one may assume that someone who is apt in mathematics should have no problem just plainly passing this test, provided that candidate is familiar with 73% of the material. So am I still worried? Yes. Why? I wish I knew.

I guess I'm worried because the fact that it's a test that I need to pass. I know we just discussed that seemed like a good thing...and i'm no stranger to coming to a test with the idea of "I just want to pass this shit, fuck A's or B's." Thanks UC Berkeley! But I think it's because of that fact that if I don't I'm potentially screwed because then I'd have to retake it, along with the other 2 subtests that I will be taking in January- all at once. Bitchasses.

So it's sort it's a do or die.

But I've tutored Calculus many times ago. And I've been studying for roughly 2 weeks in the long hours. And nothing was foreign to me. I now know how to prove the Law of Cosines, the fact that sin(a+b) = sin(a)cos(b)+sin(b)cos(b), the Mean Value Theorem, the Law of sines, and the fundamental theorem of calculus (if a funtion F = integral of a function f, then the derivative of F is equal to the function f.) So I shouldn't be worried right?

tell me not to worry. Tell me to relax. I need to. Today is friday, halloween. And I've dubbed this the "worse halloween ever" that I will ever have. Who puts a test date right after a holiday? sheeze. Yes this test is administered every other month, on one specific date in those months, and of all dates in november they put on on Nov. 1st. It's a good thing the January date is the 10th and not some idiotic date like the 1st or even 2nd for that matter. Asses.

So I'm in berkeley now but I'll be going home. I need to be comfortable. Not to say berkeley isn't great, it's just I'm pretty sure it'd be bad idea to be on any college campus on the night of a holiday like halloween when you've got a test to take the next day. at least for me, i can get distracted easily on halloween.

I love halloween a lot though. One halloween back in high school, a friend of mine's sister was the manager of black angus, and he took us there for a FREE meal that we shan't never forget.

Anyway, Saturday night will be glorious. I'm hoping it should't take me 3 hours to take this test which begins at 2pm. (if I get done in less than 2 and feel confident I will go balls out!) and i'm taking it as some random highschool in the outskirts of Alameda. You'd think they'd pick a high school more accessible than this one. sheeze. Anyway, thanks for sticking around, love you all.

fact of the day: if f is differentiable on an interval (a,b), and continuous on [a,b], and also f(a) = f(b) then there exists a c in (a,b) such that f'(c) = 0. Yes that's Rolle's theorem asses.

i'm running out music to listen to.
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