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Believe to take the leap [Jan. 2nd, 2011|04:40 am]
[mood |determineddetermined]
[music |the radioheads.]

the idle lounge welcomes you to the year of eleven. A new decade in idle loungin' .

2011? It's not joke 1 year past the decade and we're in a new one. So is this now called the 2010's? the 10's? we called the decade of 2000 the 2000's. Comes a new generation of identifying what our interests were. But it's so much more dense. For instance, we try to bundle up the 90's into handful of characteristics. But one can imagine there is a huge difference between 1993 and 1998. Only but 5 years apart. So then we get to try to identify what the heck each part of decade is. Can we do this with the 80's? or is that all the same because it's been 20 years. Will there be a time where we identify everything from the 2000's into one genre? probably.

If i would define the 2000's i would say this:
-this was the decade of the reality tv show- all the like. where if you were dramatic or beautiful (or both) enough you could become famous.
-this was the decade of relentless exposure to music thanks to the internet.
-this was the decade of society becoming more connected and less connected at the same time thanks to the internet and the increasing technology of mobile phones.
-this was the decade where people both became more conscience of their health and liberal about it at the same time
-this was the decade of youtube.com
-this was the decade of facebook.com and how they beat out friendster and myspace: there are theories but nothing proven yet.
-this was the decade that people became interested in reading again because of the eclectic-ness of fancy bookstores where little do people know they were free at the library this whole time.
-this was the decade where, thanks to the internet, anyone can seemingly become an expert at anything.
-this was the decade where gas will never ever be less than 2 dollars ever again.
-this was the decade where New York is the center of the universe, and Los Angeles thinks it's the center of the universe. though this could have been true for longer than this.
-this was the decade of the Lakers. And how everyone hates them.
-this was the decade of the instant message now known as texts. and it's subgroup- sexting. (sizzle)
-and finally this was the decade of the i-_________. (fill in the blank with your respective apple product. i filled it in with "pod."

in a nutshell. I would have gone political but the list would have been longer and less fun.

so resolutions you ask? let's see. well years back i've always had my top 20 things i wanna do for the year. so whats going to stop me from doing that now? nothing.

Top 20 things I want to do this year: 2011
(again never in no particular order)
1. get awesome computer that can movie edit and play awesome games in awesome graphics and "awesome" etched on the side.
2. get new electric guitar. poor Leena has been defunct for a while.
3. go to coachella.
4. have wicked spring break. where you say " damn what a spring break." i remember last year i had no real spring break as i had to still student teach in one, and still go to class at davis in another. let's get it this time.
5. vegas. again. maybe that's spring break. and to top the last vegas triumph.
6. have wicked valentines day. i'm not sure what i did last year but i remember the year before - i studied in a cafe till 1 for the stinkin gre. was actually fun and was not alone
7. go to London. Let's Rock
8. teaching: get through the school year. 1st year 1st semester - nuts. 1st year 2nd semester - holy shnikes.
9. teaching: have a good 2nd year 1st semester - less rough please.
10. enter casino poker tournament. just to see...
11. having more quick feet. in more ways than one.
12. film another documentary/mockumentary/full length. which means..
13. get video camera. no hd-camera. no
14. get healthier amount of sleep - more often.
15. teaching: be less scared and even more firm.
16. teaching: master the balancing act of caring for students. at least be better at it.
17. eat breakfast more often.
18. wake up in time to eat breakfast more often. (which extends from #14)
19. fall semester: take more ballroom dance lessons.
20. take more shots. (you can interpret this in more ways than one).


and there we have it. you can throw in go to more niner games and be a more devoted fan.

fact of the day: wing stop is actually called wing keep eating.

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