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new endings of new beginnings [Sep. 2nd, 2009|01:33 pm]
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Yes the idle lounge is still here. Glad you could make it. Booty tweet is the new booty call.

Anywho, for those of you with any interest I created a separate weekly blog of my teaching experiences which is required of me to turn in to my Professor. I'm really not supposed to share it with everyone I know, but I want to because it's important to me.

here is the link:

in other news:
finally found a place in the D. Move-in is on the 15th. I like the place and complex. Price wise let's just say a place like this would cost 12-1400 dollars in the Berk. I'm flying solo and a little bummed to be doing so but I think it's that time in my life to have that "alone-ness." But of course come by should you want to party down or watch me party hard.

The D is stupid hot. See there's regular hot and stupid hot. It's stupid hot all the time. wtf. See the berk gets this kind of weather sometimes but every damn day.

Though I did find a thing that really intrigued me about the campus which is that it has it's own stream or river if you will. Beautiful as heck, which is next to it's own "arbitorium?" which is fancy for "tree sanctuary." I have yet to really fully venture these areas as it's too damn hot to stay outside longer than 30 minutes.

Cuisine-wise, I have had nothing specific to Davis that you can't find on a gas-stop on highway 5. (aka fast-food chain restaurants). Of course I haven't been living here yet so hopefully with some networking I can find the joints. What is the La burrita of the D? What is the Barney's of the D? Only time will tell.

In terms of people, no serious douches yet. Though it is quite common for these folks to have those metal water containers. PLATIC? fuck that apparently, your water bottle must be metal. And those rubber shoes that I hate seem to be popular. But of course should the oppurtunity allow it, men in flip flops al le lui ya. Like crazy. Old men, young men, all men. Am I going to convert? yes sure i'll convert once my skin gets light in color. but no, my complexion unfortunately will stay the dark cream all of you have become aquainted with so no, no outdoor/public flip flops going on these feet.

I wonder if the D-anese ( you know like Vietnamese or Chinese) get upset by me wearing my Cal baseball cap. It's the only one I have and my hair looks like crap. But then again, I have no problem wearing stuff from other colleges as other people have done that to me back in the berk. Though I remember the first time I saw a fellow wearing a UCLA sweater at berk, I was like, who the hell are you? ass wipe. So yes I would say I'm causing some destruction with my undergraduate attire.

in any other case, it's been alright. but will all be different when I actually start living here.

Fact of the day: plastic water bottles apparently are bad for enviornment.

[User Picture]From: blo_lobo
2009-09-03 12:26 am (UTC)
lemme know when you have your drink house warming
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[User Picture]From: dazz04
2009-09-03 09:48 am (UTC)
never convert my dude. NEVER.
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