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welcome to transatlanticsm [Jul. 4th, 2009|03:51 am]
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happy independence day, watch the sky go boom here with the idle lounge .

reading random articles about stuff i read about one that discussed the following:
in general it's better to live being able to admit you're wrong.

i think people will like hanging out with you more if you live by this mantra.

i was reading old entries to this here online journal/blog, or whatever you want to call it. times have changed so hard. but i'd like to think we work to improve the things we don't like about ourselves, and relish in the things we do like.

i finally got the oppurtunity to try zachary's the other day, and it was not bad. i can't say it was the best pizza i've ever had. a bit saltly- i'm thinking they use canned tomatoes for their smothered tomatoe-y deeep dish pizzas. but is nice to try but i wouldnt go here on a saturday as even on a random afternoon at around 1pm lunchtime iwe wiated for a while for our food.

i also tried this korean place in oakland that is famous for a 10 dollar lunch buffet. they had this interesting pumpkin porridge sort of deal going on. I enjoyed it a lot, amonst the vcarious other items. though iprefer the whole "cook your own shit" sort of deal like most korean bbq's do. or hot pot city. every been there? it's a fun experience in my opinion.

in other news i'm still in search of other culinary finds that are specific to this area. ive been on yelp a good times a many, so i've got another growing list since i was able to knock out a lot of my previous list of eateries. let's discuss some of them shall we, since we've been talking about food a good amount so far:

brazil cafe: no doubt this stuff is tasty as hell. Whatever the green cilantro milky sauce they use alongside the very nicely marinated pieces of tri-tip, the problem witht his place you're only left more hungry considering how much you get and most of all spend. The first time i ate here was amazing but i only ended up going to mcdonalds for some french fries afterwards because i was still hungry. so my advice: don't go here starving, but just a hint of appetite to fulfill.

The Pig Brick House Bbq: now this place is a bit of distance down san pablo, but great food. it has that bbq stuff that you normally see on like diners drive ins and dives- tri tip and ribs sort of things. and a smooth creamy but yet tasty potato salad, mini min corn muffins, and a really good baked beans recipe. and of course the meat portion of the meal was incredible witht he tangy spicy yet sweet tasting sauce. the price isn't too bad too, if you tell them what you want or how hungry you are they'll fix you good. the place is owned and run by an older couple who are nice as hell and treat you so pleasantly. though when we ate here they kept running conversation with us while being the only ones in the restaruant so it was a bit awkward to have them watching us eat. either way, great service and owners, incredible soul-food-esque bbq, and not to shabby of a price.

San Francisco Soup Company: though this is somewhat a chain, it is a bay area specific chain and so deserves some mention. it was pretty good though a bit pricy for soup. DO NOT GETTHE BREAD BOWL. it is pre-made pre packaged stuff and was stale like mad. but of course you should go here for the soups. the soups i got to try were the clam chowder, chedder beer, pea soup, and chicken noodle. all tasty as shit. the cheddar beer is insteresting and the pea soup- organic fyi- was great. it may seem a bit salty but they are subtle and pleasant to eat. you can potentially sample as many soups as you want before making a final order, which is what we pretty did, and the people are friendly. the bads? no sitting area to enjoy, and soup is not exactly a thing you'l like to take to go. but we ended bringing the soups to campus so it was nice. try it if you're in a soupy mood.

interested on hearing more? tune in next time, i've got food review up the ass.

fact of the day: dance as much as you can, it's the best way to appreciate how the potential of how the body can actually move. other than sexual intercourse. hey-YO