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the sun always shines when you're near [Mar. 16th, 2009|06:55 am]
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i need some fried food, i'm feeling too healthy today here at the idle lounge .

So I suppose this is somewhat a sequel to our previous entry. Anyway I was looking more into the Aggie's program and I'll admit I'm very excited about it. Some recent alumni have been awarded teacher of the year honors and that's right up my ally. can you imagine that, "Ryan Viernes was named teacher of the year in the ______ Unified School District" .. " Ryan Viernes was named teacher of the year in Northern California" .. "Ryan Viernes was named teacher of the year of the WORLD."

forgive me for looking at the bright side.

So anyway I realize it's nothing but a few months 'till friends of mine graduate this year. And a little longer until I say the hard goodbye to Berkeley. So what do I have plans for in these last months? Well let's introduce this as sort of a top 20.

eh screw that let's claim that one of the weeks in the next few months will be denoted as

Ryan's Berkeley Week: Live it out, because it's kicking me out

So in one weeks time I will do my best to experience everything that is significant to Berkeley, and I suppose to the Bay Area. Eh no, Berkeley only. SO... This means enjoying Berkeley only foods, sights, sounds, and all that good stuff that I'd imagine most previous and current CAL students have done.

So each day of Ryan's Berkeley Week, we will live it out so that we hope to cover everything on the following top 20 list. Though I get the feeling that I'm going to go beyond top 20.

SO now we present to you the
Top 20 things that will happen on Ryan's Berkeley Week

1) Go to Lawrence Hall of Science.

It is the best view of Berkeley. Well at least the highest view point next to a plane I've had of Berkeley. It rocks. Preferably this will be done at sunset.

2) Go to the Botanical Gardens.

I have yet to do this. I hear it's good stuff. And especially with the Spring coming up.

3) Go up the Clock Tower.

Yeah I haven't done this yet either. What a Cal Bear I was.

4) Bear's Lair. - Beat The Clock Friday

Though I may do this again even after Berkeley Week, this should be included. And of course drink only Berkeley Beer like their infamous Honey Wheat or Golden Bear something.

5) Drive by and laugh at people eating on the little patches of grass that lays in the middle of the street in front of Cheese Board.

6) Go Photographer for a Day on the Berk Campus

Of course this can be accomplished whilst doing other things on this list. Though there are so many other incredible "unnoticed" spots up and down the campus. The Northside, between Tolman and the New Southeast Asian Library, and South Side- near faculty glade, uhh it goes on and on. Need good camera for this one.

7) Eat at the following Berkeley eateries

a) La Burrita
I can at least say the best burrito in town, that is cheapest as well. And fuck Chipotle, the minute they give free chips and infinite salsa I'll come running. for now, Give me my oily meat packed burrito and free pico de gallo.

b) Gipsey's
Everything here has never dissatisfied me. I would say the best italian cuisine in all of Berkeley. Period. Because of the very reasonable price and extremely good food.

c) Zachary's Pizza
Keep hearing stories. Though the only thing I dread is the massive wait. I suppose I won't come here starving. Deep dish pizza, can't say I haven't had it ever. And this is place is specific to berkeley so hey that's why it's on the list.

d) Barney's
I've concluded after tasting many Berkeley specific burger places (Bongo Burger, Oscar's, IB's) that Barney's is the best Burger place around. I know it's somewhat a franchise with several other locations in the area, it's just so gourmet good. So far this place is 15 for 16 great experiences here. Just the one time they served a Popeye's Burger with way too much blue cheese. It was pretty much a blue cheese patty. mmm mm.

e) Steve's Korean BBQ

Thought he cooks themselves aren't korean, this place almost never fails to give a big plate of rice, bean sprouts, kimchee, and a crap load of meat. Spicy Pork. And like many locations near this one, you get free water and tea. The meat though is where they excel. It may not seem to be the highest quality, but the taste worth more than the 8 dollars you paid for it.

Eat at Crossroads/DC3 (or for you older folks, the Super D.C)

I enjoyed the time of being able to eat a buffet almost everyday. I would love nothing but to enjoy the sweet mass produced yet delicious foods one last time.

f) Ann's Soup Kitchen

Ironically enough I don't come here for the soup but for the breakfast. The eggs, pancakes, toast with applesauce jam, and last but not least the homefries. It has always been a great way to start a late morning or afternoon because I've usually come here at a time of waking up too late to enjoy the empty seats of the early morning grind. On weekend mornings this place is packed but always worth it.

g) Kabab and Karahi

It is only recently I discovered this place. Out of the minimal indian/pakistanian food I have had the opportunity to indulge myself in here at berkeley (and ever), this place is the best. The tandoori chickens and the curries are all delicious. The naan and meats is as fresh as can be and of course you get all the infinite chai you want. And the best thing it is nothing but seconds away from my current apartment. What? Naan Curry or House of Curries? Fuck you. go here. go on yelp and you'll see i'm not the only one.

h) Get a coffee at the various Berkeley coffee shops (All in one day?!)

I'm not sure which I can say is the best one since the one I go to often is a nationwide franchise which is Peet's Coffee. Though I have been to Cafe Milano a few times. The sitting experience is just so eccentric feeling as with any other urban coffee shop in berkeley. Make it look like you're reading or find someone to have an intelligent conversation with. Win win. Such places include : Cafe Strada, Milano, Cafe La Mediterranean

i) Kingpin Doughnuts

Why is the place good? Well for one thing they serve fresh doughnuts and are open really late. But of course we need not forget the very cheap bag of day old doughnuts that I seem to be the only that enjoys it in all it's entirety. Most people have gotten the bag and take a bite and give me the rest. That's the kind of friend I am. And is it the best doughnuts in berkeley? I'd say so without having to experience any other bakeries around here too much.

j) Order Chicken Strips and Chili Cheese Fries from Golden Bear Cafe

I used to do this as a weekly ritual back in the dorm days. Every Tuesday after getting off at 3:30 (or 5) i'd venture here and have a nice cardboard take out box full of fried, cheese, and chili. I had to request them to put it all in the same box, it's just so much better that way. This probably accounts to why I usually sweat easily. How unattractive was that statement.

k) Get a tapioca drink from Sweethearts. No not Quicklies.

Sweethearts knows what they're talking about. Quicklies can eat crap and their nasty tapioca balls. And of course need we forget the popcorn chicken and fried squid. (or octopus?)

l) Skates by the Bay

I've been here for drinks and stuff but have yet to try the food. The food looks good but I suppose it's all for the location. The food, by looking at other people's tables, looks exceptionally presentable, and also where I'm going offers no "by the ocean" eateries. And the ambiance is pretty damn romantic of course. need hot date. no not just a date. "hot" date.

m) Ahn Hong

This is a vietnamese place where you order a certain meat and they give this huge platter to constantly make burritos (aka spring rolls) they give these plastic sheets and you soak them in hot water to turn them into the clear wrap used for these rolls. the platter of veggies and such is gigantic and it's just a burrito making fiesta. It is one the nicer places I've eaten at berkeley and very delicious. And reasonably priced for the quality of the food.

10) Go listen to Stoney lecture in front of Dwinelle one last time

Stoney is this balled guy with glasses who rants about politics, pop culture, and the UC Berkeley bureaucracy while mocking students on Ipods trying to ignore him.

9) Give the Happy Happy Happy guy a hug. Or high five. Because he's on that thing for hella long. Though I haven't seen that guy in a while.


11) Spend 6-9 hours at the FSM Cafe

Oh those were the days. But a year ago. How...shameful yet I loved every minute of it. I'll be sure to bring my laptop, education research, books to pretend to read, and sunglasses and never buy anything.

12) Go to the top of Evans and enjoy the closed off balcony and math lounge.

this is infamous to be a location where a suicide occurred. Other than that, it's a good location and has a math lounge for math studiers. I'd like to hope to mock them by telling them that shit is easy as hell. or perhaps memorize some obscure proof and do it on the chalkboard in there. that'll show em. This place used also served free bagels every thursday. I once cut myself with the butter knife- i didn't bleed that bad but let's hope noone got sick. or filipino.

13) Tilden Park hike.

It's too bad a car is required but I'll somehow think of a way to get there. Tilden park is fairly nice, but then again it's specific to this area and it's worth it to go at least once. Though it would be twice for me. they also have spot called Inspiration Point. That oughta get you to come with me.

14) Go to the Down Low (on a Thursday night because of the 3.00 drink special)

As much as this place is hit or miss depending on the crowd and music, it's a bar/club/lounge/?? I've been to the most in Berkeley. It's nice to just sit back and dance it off later in the night. Since there usually is a small crowd, you're free to pretend to break dance all you want. Check me out.

15) Beckit's Irish Pub

I love this place, specifically on Saturdays because of their live music. The inside is old-Irish looking I suppose. But it's just always a chill laid back vibe and everyone seems to know each other, no one is dressed particularly too nice which means everyone isn't to find the next sexual encounter nor are they there to get over a break-up, or nor are they there to meet women/men and have that weird drunken conversation with them outside as the bar is closing about maybe just maybe being able to add them on face book. just a nice laid back place you'd be able to go to with jeans and a shirt.

16) Go to one last lecture and office hours session by my mentor/Professor

This guy changed my life and perspective. One of the best experiences I've had here at Berkeley, and perhaps the best academic-related experience, I need to give him my so-longs.

17) Have one last football game with berkeley homies

We have had some fun times. Though we've never done tackling, it is competitive. I remember one time running a no huddle offense and scoring a few TD's then the other team copying us. Assess.

18) Spend a brief evening with Doe/Memorial Glade, the Big C, and the Campanile.

I've done this a few times. It's just amazing to go out there and just sit down at the Memorial Glade and the Campanile because they're one of the only locations sort of well-lit.

Well I suppose I'd do the Big C first prior to visiting the above on the way down. The Big C is a tough hike but makes you feel better about going to La Burrita afterward. Gorgeous Gorgeous view, especially at night.

19) Farmers Market (both of them bitches)

I know there's one on northside near the safeway and there's one on west side down the street from the BART. I suppose this would give me a taste of Berkeley's desire for organic foods and other products. But screw kettle corn, I stay away from that crap. Give me my roasted corn on a cob and leave me alone.

20) This space left intentionally blank.



Anyway, It's a lot to get done in a week but hey come fly with me we'll have a great week together. Or whichever day you want. This list subject to change, but hopefully I'll get the exacto dates and schedule of Ryan's Berkeley Week.

I feel like a douche bag talking in the third person. Or at least titling in the in the third person.

fact of the day : living life day by day is the best way to enjoy it. unless you've already graduated college.

From: bmee378
2009-03-16 06:08 pm (UTC)
your list. definitely brings me back. do it all ! do it all!
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From: bigmach
2009-03-16 08:32 pm (UTC)
i wanna do #2 & #3 with you, as i've never been and i've been kicked out for awhile now. also, if possible, eat 7g with you, because i've never tried it. where is it anyway?

i think you skipped #8 & #9.

will for sure see you at least once for #4 & #14.

ooh, how about visiting the museum or watch a film at the pfa? visit the thai temple on sundays for cheap but delicious thaifood. or go to one last frat party. hahahahah, just kidding to the latter.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: blo_lobo
2009-03-16 10:46 pm (UTC)
I want to do positions 15 and 7-J with you. Also I agree that somewhere in the world there should be a "Ryan Viernes was named teacher of the year at Napa Junction Unified School District.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: rocksarenice
2009-03-17 04:42 am (UTC)
I'm down to do #10 if you decide to take off the question mark.
and 15. Colin Farrell and Guinness are two things I seem to adore from the Irish.
Let me know if you're planning to do any of these within the next 2 weeks and want a partner to roll with. I can ride on the coattails of your list and secretly rename it "Bonnie's Berkeley Visit, Revisiting, Before Unvisiting".

The title is a work in progress.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: rocksarenice
2009-03-17 04:44 am (UTC)
waaaait a minute. i just noticed you listed #10 twice. hey, if you combine both of the #10s, you can jog the perimeter around Stoney.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: dirtipimp
2009-03-19 04:43 pm (UTC)
shieeeeet rj. making me feel like the 5 years i've been at berkeley, i haven't accomplished anything. in fact, because i lack these experiences in my life, i can't even claim myself as someone who actually went to berkeley. shieeeet. i guess that means one thing. drowning my sorrows and failed misery at the downlow tonight!
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